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Thou shalt Fuck with the MONSTER and Receive the Sperm:Mina Asahi

Length: 36:15
Publish Date: 31 March 2022

Mina Asahi is a woman of the cloth, who undergo quite the ordeal, when she finds herself held captive behind a set of bars. She tried her best to pray, however that would not save her from a very real nightmare. As someone who is holy, she has been chosen as the sex slave for a pair of science experiments gone wrong. She first approached by a man with deformed arms and hands. Strike to push him away but no matter what she does. The man, Crazy Kato, still manages to pull her in for a kiss. Mina then resorts to praying once again, however she would find herself in a predicament that much worse when she is in face to face with not only Kato, but also a hideous creature with penis-shaped tentacles. She is surrounded by the tentacles, as Kato is positioned behind her. He would proceed to remove her clothes, as the surrounding monster becomes excited, squirting it's clear cum all over her, before one of the tentacles travels between her legs, to penetrate her. It's following this, she would also go on to suck one of them as well. She's on all fours next, while Kato would fuck her from behind using one of the tentacles. She would also suck one from the opposite end before going on to be once again surrounded by the monster. Sooner or later after this she would then be forced to suck Kato off. As this happens, the tentacles toy with the pussy, continuing to spray it's jizz. Next up, we would see Mina position for missionary as the creature keeps a tight grip on her, and as Kato fucks. He'd also share it with the monster, alternating between dick and tentacle. This would continue in doggy, side fucking, and spoon, prior to Kato returning to the previous missionary where he would soon finish up.