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Yakuza woman Naomi Togo : Interracial Double Penetration!

Length: 55:40
Publish Date: 14 January 2021

For years, the Yakuza has been a strong presence in all of Japan, including after Japan's loss in World War II. The presence of the Yakuza, has been up and down, in terms of visibility, spanning through several era for the country. In the present, few Yakuza organizations still exist. While maintaining a conscious effort to stay under the radar. Thus taking on  various names and appearances, Togo-Gumi. Is one such organization that is now struggling to survive, after the murder of their boss Kumicho at the hands of a rival Yakuza. The disturbance has caused the remaining members of Togo-Gumi to quickly appoint widow Naomi Togo as the organization's new boss. Naomi plans the organization's next move against the rival, going as far as putting herself in charge, as she wants to go at it alone. However, it is an idea that the two remaining male members are opposed to. This, as a faithful Nagano, offers to storm the dangerous territory by himself, all in the name of Togo-Gumi. It's a choice that would prove to be grave. Now, down one last member, besides herself, Naomi weighs her options. While taking suggestions from Shun Sakuragi. It is he who has the suggestion of bringing in an outsider, a foreigner, by the name of Tony. Naomi is of course at first hesitant to bring in an outsider, but unfortunately she has no other choice. This is when she has Tony, the other member, as well as herself, enter into a pack by drinking the "Sakazuki", a drink which signifies familial bonding. After the drink is had by all, Naomi decides to enter one last pact with the family. That being a threesome. It of course, creates the ultimate bond between them.